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    GP1300R Help With Code 15

    I put my ski back together after a long time from starting all cylinders have good compression ok well to the code 15 i took it out to try it on lake it is still doing it after like 3 min of running . I check the water cooling system and notice one side is not pissing the left side on the trailer the jetpump and the other outlet is working . it turns on like wobbling not a working even sound engine . Check the sensor and is cooroded but it was working before i put it apart . what cables should i check ? Help People that fix jetskis here in south florida are not loyal
    and try to take your money real bad experince with 4 diferent shops . If you need a video ill make one : )

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    code 15 is engine temp sensor the sensor that screws to the number 1 cylinder, Make sure it's plugged in correctly.

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    Also check the engine when riding to see if its hot or not when the code sounds because ive had sensor go bad before and check the strainer and pisser lines too for blockage.
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