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    Wanted: 2006 stx-15f Dash/Display

    Hey People, The display on my 2006 15f took a crap yesterday when the ski rolled over. I assume I got water in it and fried it. I've looked through the forums and haven't come up with a good solution other than shelling out $1000 at the local Kawi dealer for a new one.

    Anyone know where to get a cheaper replacement? Anyone have a salvage unit?

    2ND QUESTION: I have two 2006 15f's, I have to assume its just a matter of time before the the dash on the second one goes bad. Is there a way to prevent the second one from going bad? Do they leak in a certain spot that could possible be sealed up?


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    Bump! Bump! 31 views and not a single response, c'mon guys! no one has a good solutions to this? I found a replacement unit for $714 not including shipping/tax, but still seems pretty steep for a digital display. I suppose I'll pay it, but I at least need some confidence that the new unit won't have the same issues the next time the ski ends up upside down in the water. Anyone else have these issues?

    Thanks fellas, any advice is appreciated.

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    There is another thread on here somewhere that I posted how to seal them up and what you need to do to remove the bad one and install the new one. I don't remember what it was called but search around.

    Good luck,


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