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    Anyone know hold long it's safe to store MS109?

    I have 10 gal still sealed in the jugs that are 1-1/2 years old. Just wondering if it's still safe to use.

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    I have no first hand knowledge of race fuel. I copied this from the VP tech facts page:

    How long will VP fuels last in an unopened drum

    The length of time the fuel will stay fresh in a sealed drum depends on the fuel itself. A non oxygenated fuel such as C12 should be used within a couple years. I personally have tested some that was eight years old and was fine. As far as an oxygenated fuel I would like to see these fuels used within a year or so. This way you know the oxygen content is still within spec. Both oxygenated and non oxygenated fuels will most likely last longer than I have stated, but I feel that to ensure the best performance following these recommended guidelines will be to your benefit.

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