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    97 yamaha waveraider 1100 triple stalls when hot

    i have a 97 yamaha waveraider 1100 triple bought at 80 hours now it has 100.

    i used it last season alot. didnt seem to have any problems at first but the last two times i took it out it would run for a couple hours then just cut out. it wouldnt start again until it had time ot cool down. maybe 30 mins then it would run for abit and die again. doesnt make any strange noise and performance is about the same as always. maybe a little slower but the impellor is a little worn after a rescue trip on a river (deeper river). does anyone have any ideas?
    i winterised it and now in the spring it started first pop but havent had it out yet.
    thanks in advance

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    If the compression is good then I would suspect heat soak causing a stator coil to break down (I've replaced several Yamaha charge coils) or a fuel vent check valve not working properly, or some plugged up carbs.

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    cool thats a great start. where can i get a shop manual for this? or can you direct me to the test specs/procedures for the stator?

    would you run carb cleaner through without dismantling? i know these carbs are kind of delicate/finicky


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    thank you. very helpful people here! much appreciated

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