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    Bogging SL750 - are bad reeds a viable reason?

    I'm looking at a set of mid 90's Polaris skis a bit of a drive from me. The guy selling indicates that one machine runs great, but the second (SL750) bogs under acceleration. He says that a mechanic told him it was bad reeds - is this a viable explanation?

    I'm familiar with the fuel issues on the Fuji triples so it's in the back of my head that it's actually an underlying fuel system problem, but the mechanics diagnosis concerns me.
    I have asked for compression test figures for both machines and am awaiting a response...but I thought I'd ask you to all be mind readers here first.

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    Bogging when throttle applied means fuel starvation, not bad reeds. A complete run through the fuel system and a triple outlet pump upgrade will solve the problem....assuming the engine internals are healthy.

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    actually reeds "can" cause a bog / lean condition.

    I would go through the fuel system completely, and also pull the intake and inspect reeds.

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