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Thread: 95 900 help.

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    95 900 help.

    I just bought a 95 900 at a reasonable price. Can anyone tell me share I can get some plug wires and what can I do about the paint on the bottom. And I have a small leak where the manifold bolts to the block. Compression is good and runs ok. Hard to start sometimes but once it's running it moves. Need a trim motor too. Any suggestions?

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    Kawasaki has now made the trim motors available, they're not cheap, however. Sometimes you can find aftermarket motors on Ebay. I've been able to resurrect a couple. Which ever route you take, make sure to install a seal on the cable (part # 49016-3702) at the back of the 'Ski. Water will work it's way up the cable and get into the motor box. Also, make sure the box O-ring is installed properly and you might put some silicone sealer around the joint in the box.

    Paint was a problem with those boats.

    Hard cold starting is pretty common. You might look into installing primers.

    Sounds like you might need to pull the exhaust manifold, clean the surfaces, and replace the gaskets.

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