Hey all, Need some help with why my GPR is losing speed and RPM. It went from the speed/rpm in my sig to 6900 and 72 mph, not all at once but during the summer last year. So far I have checked:

compression:1=165 2=155 3=150........This is the exact same compression readings from when it was running at its best.

spark plugs look fine but tried new ones, made no difference as expected since there is no misfire condition.

Crank phase or indexing, is within .020" on all 3

VF3 Reeds look fine

No exhaust leaks, water in hull, etc.

Everything under the ski including the shoe, plate, grate alignment, tabs, pump bearings, stator, impeller clearence, all look fine.

The pistonwash looks perfect

Rode with the seat off, no difference

It still feels strong as ever out of the hole.....any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

PS.....I have not tried removing the Riva fuel tuner, anybody ever seen one go bad like this?