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    Need help with 2002 genesis i

    I have a 2002 genesis i 1200 with a bad emm. I have a 2000 genesis 1200 injection i pulled the emm and injectors out of and put them in the 2002. Will this work? If so is there anything else i need to swap out?

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    Should work, swap in the 2000 EMM with matching injectors. Keep each replacement injector on the same cylinder position it was removed from; MAG goes to MAG, etc. Be careful with the injector bolt torque, and make sure the injectors do not bind in the cylinder head bores. Torque evenly to keep the injector centered.

    Mark the removed injectors with cylinder position and keep them together with your old EMM.

    To avoid possible fuel leaks it is recommended to replace the twelve tiny o-rings on the fuel line fittings when installing the replacement injectors.

    Inspect the fuel lines carefully, especially where they touch the injector brackets. If not already done, install protective plastic sleeves on the fuel hoses between injectors to prevent the fuel hoses for chafing on the injector brackets. Replace any fuel hose that shows wear or other damage.

    Note: The 2002 throttle body uses a different shape of TPS than the 2000 model, but electrically they provide the same signals to the EMM.

    Always check the TPS connector, you want clean and snug metal to metal contact. Zero dielectric grease on the TPS contacts, just a thin film on the rubber sealing gasket.

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    Cool man thank you for all your help.

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