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    96 1100 triple runs at full throttle

    Hello all, i need some help. Ive got a 96 1100 triple and when i started it, it seems to go to full throttle. It runs well but just at full throttle. The only way to bring it down to an idle is to choke it and then it loads up and dies. Any suggestions? I pulled off the carb covers and screen and the throttle is not in the open position and it seems to work fine. But as soon as i start it, it revs up to what seems like full throttle. Any help would be great, thank you.

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    air leak somewhere, i'd start with checking to see if the rear seal is popped out, you can do this by removing the PTO cover(two 10mm bolts i believe) and you'll see if its out...other than that it could be if someone rebuilt the carbs and didn't get new gaskets...surely others will chime in and i guess if you have any more history on it that would be helpful.

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    Ok i will check the rear seal. The ski ran great last fall. I pulled it out put new plugs in and cranked and kinda popped then went to full throttle. All of the carbs seem to be operating as they should. I will check the rear seal and let you know! Thanks!

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    yea mine does this too, i believe its because i reused the gasket, it won't do it in water because there's load on the motor, and it doesn't do it with the lid shut(maybe a little? but not very noticeable) but open the lid and it'll gradually do it and i have to flood it with the primer

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    Its called a Lean runaway. Type that in the search box and you come up with some good reading material. Air leaks and sometimes empty carbs can cause a lean runaway.

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    Yes thats exactly what it is doin a lean runaway! I will drop it in the lake after work today and see how she reacts. I will let you know the results. Thanks so much for the info. This site and you guys with knowledge are awesome!

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    Well im not gonna be able to make it to the lake today cause its raining. But i did however take the cover off to look at the seal. It appears that the seal is in good condition and there is no oil around it. Hopefully get her out to the lake tomorrow.

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    I finally made it out to the lake. She fired right up and still seemed to idle alil fast but ran good. Throttle response is good, so im just gonna run it and see how she does. Thanks for all the help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruno19 View Post
    I finally made it out to the lake. She fired right up and still seemed to idle alil fast but ran good. Throttle response is good, so im just gonna run it and see how she does. Thanks for all the help!
    It will idle fine and run good in the water when under load. Once you take it out and go to flush it, it will runaway again. Mine did the same thing and it was a sticking needle/seat on one carb.
    I figured out which one it was by following a tip on this site.
    Turn it on and let it rev up and run away from you. Immediately kill the engine by giving it full throttle while yanking the lanyard. Now remove the sparkplugs and check which cylinder is running lean and that should point to the bad carb or airleak on that cylinder.


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    Tman, Thanks for the info. I will give this a try and see what happens. Thanks again!

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