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    Stripped powervalve cover screw

    Hey all,

    I was finishing up my waveeater clip install on my GP800R and I guess someone before me tightened those valve cover screws up way too tight, the top right screw on the right powervalve stripped. It wouldn't even let me get close to getting it tight so I guess it was pretty gone. What are my options here? There isn't a whole lot of meat in that area so I think tapping it out and going a size bigger might be risky... Helicoil... or??

    Also, man what a PITA and a ton of work to get those two little clips on having to take the exhaust manifold off an all!! And I still need to do the other ski! I love how they made it so agonizingly close to being able to slip the clips on the power valves without taking the exhaust apart.

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    I would try a SAE size...if it's an M6 step up to a 1/4"-28.

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    Yeah those clips are a nightmare,I think I even left off one or two when I did I have a bunch of clips from my RC cars, may see if one of them fit.

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    Thanks steach not a bad idea.

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