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    SeaDoo XPL 951 Build. Help!!

    Hello, Josh Weaver here holding down the great state of Kentucky. Ha! anyways here's my story and I'm open (actually begging) for any advice anybody on here can give here it goes. I found a guy on craigslist who was trying to sell a 1998 Seadoo xpl and a gp1200 ($1200), both needed work and neither of them ran, well me thinking I had a basic understanding of small engines and could probably fix these bought the two ski's. Body wise they were in excellent condition but engines were not so much, both were taken apart and the story the guy told me was that he was paying somebody to work on them and somehow while the dealership had his ski's they went out of business and didn't charge him anything for the work they had done, so I hard can this be? Seeing as how I've raced motocross since I was 6, and lived a large part of my childhood on a 2 I thought that these would be all the same (boy was I mistaken) anyways, when I got the ski's I fell in love with the SeaDoo xpl. So I went to work, I bought a new motor for it (I figured since I wanted this to be a reliable ski this would be a smart choice) I purchased the motor from sbt with the 2 year warranty ($1800) (The SeaDoo dealership close to be assured me they were great motors and they had plenty of dealings with them, this is still to be seen) so that was my first big buy for this jetski, next was the new wear ring and impeller ($200). I also went ahead and started searching for a new reed valve I found a company that appeared to have a great set, although no where near cheap..I bought them. There CarbonTech reed valves. any thoughts? I had my carbs rebuilt by the dealership I mentioned earlier and I've also replaced all of those grey nasty hoses and installed a in line fuel filter. So I think I've got a pretty good start on this summer, right? I hope so anyways. But anyways what I'm asking for is any kind of advice the experts on here could give me on how you guys think I've done so far and if I've made smart choices with the products I've bought or some horrible one's? and what kind of performance can I expect out of my XPL and top speed? I'm wanting my Ski to compete with my buddy's Honda Aquatracs rx12 that has 160 hp turbocharged motor that is quite a bit heavier than my xpl.

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    Good luck on your build. I am interested in finding out if you got it completed and running. Sorry I am new to this all and can't give any advice.

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