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    Polaris Virage TXI 2002 fuel injectors question

    do the fuel injectors on a TXI have O rings? the ones I took out look like they might but had none..thanks

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    O-rings where?

    There is a very large and fat o-ring that sits on top of the injector to act like a compression spring under the injector bracket.

    There are four tiny o-rings on the fuel hose fittings.

    And there are some internal o-rings behind the injector tip, inside the injector body.

    The entire injector tip seals metal to metal against the cylinder head. No o-ring involved in sealing the injector to the cylinder head.

    Note: Ficht fuel injectors are entirely different from automotive injectors. Do not fire the injectors unless they are bolted into the cylinder heads. See my signature links for mre Ficht info.

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    All the injectors are metal to metal. The only o-ring is in the top bracket.

    K447 shows the oring in the top bracket in this post:

    The o rings are pretty cheap. Just need to make sure the mating surfaces are extremely clean and smooth.

    Edit** took too long to respond and he already answered your question!! haha

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