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    GPR Honda 1200 (opinions please)

    I am currently breaking a 2005 R-12x with a perfect engine. Also havea few GPR hulls laying around.
    It occured to me the honda engine fitted to a GPR hull would give me a fast reliable ski. Never taken on a conversion before but would relish the challange.

    What are opinon of this combination. I know a lot of guys go the GPR RXP route but I have all I need to go this route.

    Going to take some measurements later today and see how things mght match up. Physically the engines look similar.
    1 potential problem is access for maintenance, will I have to cut the sides of the GPR hull as per the Honda, with the removable side panels.

    In relation to pump what should be looking at,
    I have a damaged GP1200r hull I can cut the top deck off and use to check fitment etc.

    All help and opinions are appreciated

    On a side note. I need a replacement Turbo Cartridge as the one on the R-12X is shot.

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    dude that would be cool as hell to see a boosted honda motor in a GP hull. That would give us a good understanding of what that motor really has to offer. i hear the Honda Hulls cant take chop at all and are hard to make fast.

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    I think someone here started on one of these conversion, but either never finished or didn't post progress.

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    I have all the needed parts to do the swap.B-18 V-Tec - garrett turbo -custom intake - ported head with ferrea oversize valves w/ springs -and a Motec,all for sale.

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    I've thought of the same project, had a mint R12 I could have gotten that was wrecked......Only problem is RPM, the Honda motor only goes to 6100-6200ish...

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    I would love to see this built.. I say do it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    I've thought of the same project, had a mint R12 I could have gotten that was wrecked......Only problem is RPM, the Honda motor only goes to 6100-6200ish...
    Cheers for the reply. I know the honda only put out 6100rpm, but it has 165hp at that rpm. I am just looking for something unique and reliable.
    Yamaha 140 and HO rev to almost 10K but less bhp.
    This will be my first conversion and cannot find anything similar completed on any of the sites.
    I have a yard full of ski's I am parting out so made a start today on some bits.

    It would be a great help to me to get suggestions from people who have already completed other conversions, pitfalls etc.

    As I have never done this before I would appreciate input on the pump best suited, I was just going to go with the standard GP1200r pump. I know nothing about prop pitching etc. Should I be trying to match the pump to give me the same max rpm as the honda setup.
    The honda coupling can easily be threaded to fit the Yamaha intermediate shaft.

    In relation to the fuel tank I looked at several today. Most suited seemed to be the tank from a 2004FXHO. The Honda pump will fit right in and with a litle cut here and there the yamaha locking plate can be used to hold the pump in place. However the Honda fuel assembly is about 2" shorter the the OEM yamaha oneand I hanging in mid air in the tank. Fuel level sender would also need a little modding. From the manuals again both fuel senders give almost the same resistance readings when full and empty. ONly issure is the honda sender is for a shallower tank.

    I then looked at the service manuals for both the Honda and 2004 FXHO, to compare fuel pressure and flow. They are almost identical.
    Honda 43psi at idle, Yamaha 44-45 at idle. I then occured to me that I could probably use the FXHO fuel pump assembl, and by simply removing the pressure regulator from the assembly, the pressure would be regulated by the Honda reg on the fuel rail. I woulg have to fit a retutn barb to the Yamaha assembly, again easily done as the honda return barb is a somple push on fitting.
    Will post up some pics tomorrow once I get a little further.

    Also looked at cuttng a section out of the hull under the grabrail on the yamaha. Similar to the honda. This will allow easier access. And the honda inner cover will fit nicely there.

    I will probably have to cut out sections of the mid wall where the intermediate shaft is mounted. I am sure this has been done for other conversions so can anyone point me a a thread that might show me what other guys do.

    Sorry if I am going on but this is all new to me.

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    Wow do you sleep @ night anymore ? Ha Ha Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzarkYamMonster View Post
    Wow do you sleep @ night anymore ? Ha Ha Good Luck
    I live on the other side of the Atlantic, Republic of Ireland. So while you guys are sleeping we are out working. I beleive this may very well be the first 4-stroke conversion in this country. I repair a lot of skis and have not yes seen another conversion of any sort.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of this conversion, Honda 1200 engine in a gpr will be allot of fun to ride

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