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    2012 RXPX Fuel Sending Unit Gasket *MUST READ*

    Here is the deal, seadoo has really cut cost on alot of stuff, blah blah blah, well let me get to the point,

    2012 Seadoo RXP-X, I believe manufacture date was in Nov of 2011

    45 HRS

    While pumping gas this weekend I filled it all the way up, I noticed a large amount of fuel leaking from around the fuel sending unit. I took it home and removed the fuel sending unit along with the gasket, the gasket, had been kinked from factory, it was also swelled up from the fuel (again cheap materials).

    Long story short, I could not get that gasket back in cause it was kinked and swollen.

    FIX. A large oring to fit the rim of the diameter of the fuel sending unit, I drained the fuel and I pressured tested the tank and it was good to go.

    Keep an eye on it when you fill up next time. I'm glad I always look at the tank when I fill up, or else I would have blown up.

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    Good thing you caught it..

    It's always good to POP the hood or take the seat off and view the tank being filled.

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    Mine had a small kink in it as well, but was fixed easily and hasn't given me a problem since. I noticed it when removed the pump to install my intake.

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    This is the reason I always pull the seat while filling up, and check for fuel leak or try to smell for some

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