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    2004 Seadoo GTX Supercharged

    G'day NZ here. I bought a new GTX in 2004 and it dropped a valve after only 50 hours, completely stuffing up the engine. Does anyone know if this was a manufacturing fault (at that time) that was subsequently rectified by Seadoo?

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    The exhaust valves on the early model 4-tecs were a weak link yes, dont quote me here, but it was something to do with their composition. The valve issue was rectified during 2006.

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    Welcome to the GH
    sorry about your exhaust valve problem
    and your not the only one that found out the hard way

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    But now you get to put oversized CP pistons in it and a built head with ARP studs. Take a positive look @ it

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    Cheers for that! Do you know if there's any way I can find out more about that "valve issue"?

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    Plenty of info here:-

    I bought a ski that had a dropped valve and rebuilt the engine. Cost around $2500.

    Bought most of the parts from the store, valves, valve guides and seals,pistons, rings, bearings, oiler mod, flywheel bolts, gaskets etc.
    I had to get the cylinders machined as the one that had the dropped valve had a slight warp in it. I bought a 2nd hand head from one of the guys on the forum.
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    Mine may drop one tomorrow, but I have 398 hrs on my 04 SC that I bought new. No problems yet. I kept the oil changed with Sea Doo brand oil and actually just serviced the SC at 397 hrs. One other thing is it has never seen the salt water(not sure that would be a factor). Hope you get her up and running soon..

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