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Thread: 215 Oil Light

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    215 Oil Light

    Hey GH,

    I have an 04 RXP 215 that is having an oil/sensor issue.

    Some background:
    Last fall, oil light would come on nearly every time I would come off the throttle and pass 3.5K RPM or slowly accelerate past 3.5k RPM. Oil level good. I replaced both oil sensors/switches.

    Now, this spring:

    Oil level top 3/4 up on dip stick. New switches, same problem but MUCH less common (maybe once every half hour of use).
    I know I was running too much oil for max performance so I pulled some out, now at 1/4 up on dip stick. The oil light comes on even less now and only when I intentionally try and induce it to come on. Very slowly easing off the throttle and holding it around 3.5k RPM. Otherwise it wont do it...

    That seems counter intuitive, by taking oil out, I get the low oil pressure light less frequently!


    Should I buy an oil pressure tester and see exactly what the F is going on? Or does this sound like a faulty sensor issue?

    I had new valves put in over the winter and the guides and all internals looked brand new, so I am thinking that it is not actually seeing a low oil pressure condition.

    Also, no codes are present. Once I turn the machine off the light obviously returns to normal.

    The ski runs great other than that. Running a full 8000 RPM and 71MPH GPS confirmed, stock except for TDR thru hull and RIVA block offs.

    Thanks for any and all help!

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    It may be a sticky oil reg located at under pto cover near oil drain plug ...

    It happened to me before and when I replaced it , came all good ...

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    Thats kind of what I was suspecting as well. To replace the regulator dont you have to remove the driveshaft and lift the back of the motor?

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