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    Lantern troubles - Switched power

    Hey, Im from Sweden and have kind of a hurry. Have been trying to get my lantern work for Days now.. Have read several of threads about switched source but I dont get it actually. Im searching for a remote Power to my relay. I have tried to get it from a Purple wire to the gauge and from several of wires beneath the fuse box, both fuel pump, Is, Control, ACC and IBR-Control. No matter which on I try it is the same thing, the lantern never stops work. And when I disconnect the remote wire it seems that the fuse boxs own rely clitching. So it never stops feeding the remote wire until I remove it no matter which Cable I use a remote... How to do?

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    I replied to your PM and hope it helps you out.

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    I have a rxp-x rs 2012, and yea I have read it but as you Said, they don't stop after a while as yours..
    Does someone have pictures of which one you have tapped?

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    Came up with something today, tried Another Cable that was named "pkc" and it Went up to the gauage. Now the lights stops when I turn of the Engine as I want to.
    But stil there is a problem, they stay on fo ever if I just turn the ignition on and off. The Cable only stops feeding Power if I turn of the Engine and wait for 1 minute. Somebody that has any idea ?

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    The relay is a "timed" relay. It does not shut off as soon as the DESS is pulled. My RXP takes 10 seconds but I have heard the newer models do take a minute or so before the switched source is closed. This is normal.

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    On the newer Bosch ski's... the accessory bus relay stays latched for 3 minutes after the key is pulled.
    If you need the signal to drop when you pull the key.... your probably gonna need to use a switch to manually kill the signal.

    The red-violet wire at terminal B11 is what you want to tap into for an accessory relay signal, but again... it'll stay latched for 3 minutes after pulling the key.

    Click image for larger version. 

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