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    2009 RXP Aftermarket VTS motor and Supercharger washer questions

    I bought a 2009 RXP in the middle of the winter and only rode it enough to make sure that it ran. When I did ride it the VTS didn't work and it seemed to be plowing. It ran in the mid 60s. I knew even less about them then than I do now so I didn't check to see what the RPM was at wide open to get an indication of how the supercharger may be working.

    Question 1: The VTS motor is shot and locked up. It was trimmed almost all the way down. How do the aftermarket VTS motors compare to the OEM ones that cost 3 times as much?

    Question 2: The owner said that the supercharger was rebuilt about 15 hours prior to me buying it but he couldn't produce what I considered to be any legitimate paperwork to back it up. I have some doubts. It has about 130 hours on it and it is my understanding that the 2009 did not have the ceramic washers in them. If, once I get the VTS motor installed, it does do 70ish and turns about 8200 RPM (which I think is what it should do), should I be concerned about the supercharger?

    I'd love to hear the input. Thanks!

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    My 09 RXP had metal washers i dont think they used ceramics in any 09s. I really cant vouch for any VTS system other than the OEM to be honest and when you get it running right it should be pulling 8100-8150 ish at 69-70mph.

    i would rebuild the charger to be on the safe side and while your at it throw an aftermarket impeller on the SC so you make a lil more power and no one would even know on a stock boat like yours. I ran mine bone stock with a Riva Gen 2 impeller and that thing ran like a little bat outta hell. Itll get you somethin like 9.5 pounds of boost on the 215 charger.

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    VTS motor is nothing special - you can get one from the window motor of a certain make car...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_man_luke View Post
    VTS motor is nothing special - you can get one from the window motor of a certain make car...
    1984 to 1989 Nissan 300ZX L

    1985-1988 Nissan Maxima.

    Has to be the left side or the motor wont fit in the housing.

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    I got the aftermarket one for about $75. It is new and fit fine although the overall motor size is physically smaller and the wires are slightly diferent. I have a pic side by side if anyone cares. It works good on the trailer. I guess that we will see how long it lasts.

    Also, one of the nylon ratcheting hose clamps on the VTS shaft would not hold well. About $6 from SeaDoo, $1 at a marina, and cheaper if you buy them by the bag.

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