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    SeaDoo newbie NY

    my wife and i are thinking about purchasing two 2013 boats. i have some questions. yes i have searched. i have been a mod on forums.

    1. i am 260lbs, i want a RXT 260. i know this will be powerful enough but my only comparison is a 2000 model 2 stroke. should a newbie have a supercharged ski? i understand engines i do not work on them. i do have enduro motor cycle experience.

    2. what is the difference between the 130 and 155 skis?

    thanks, dave

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    Wouldn't see the problem having the RXT 260. You'll have to rebuild the Super Charger every 200hrs. They have the learners key if you need to learn but you can always use less throttle until you learn how to use it. The difference between the 135 and the 155 is HP.

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    1. You'll be fine.

    2. The 130 is a turd. The 155 is slightly faster but it's worth it.

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    There is nothing wrong with the 130 no its not a race ski , I have one and love mine, If I was going to buy a new ski right now I would get the 155 limited because I like the color. I myself have no need for a super charged ski. And yes the only difference between the 130 and 155 is hp, they are both very nice machines.

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    thanks for the opinions-info! i welcome any more.

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    The 2000 model 2 stoke compared to a 2013 rxt 260
    Is like a prius to a Corvette...
    If your just recreational in your riding I'd say get a 155hp ski.
    They have plenty of power and don't gulp fuel like the supercharged skis.
    They also require less maintaining...
    But I warn you once you ride a supercharged doo EVERYTHING ELSE IS A TURD....

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    If you are looking to save money and keep the fuel cost low get the 130/155. If you are going to have the itch to keep going faster get the rxt. Get your wife the gti and get the 260! The rxt will never be too much to handle. And its super comfortable and cushy compared to the gti. I wasnt impressed with the gti/gtr seat.

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