Hey guys, recently I have bought a 550sx for my first stand up, I have been riding it religiously, as I am in the army, and I am on my 6 week break. I live on the river, so every day I have been riding for about 2 weeks (not exactly the cheapest hobby) I am at the point already were I need something with more power, more kick. For me to get the 550sx out of the water (flat) is quite hard! I have to really work for it. So now comes the million dollar question, I have been looking at 01-08 model superjets, and I was just wondering what the best things were to check and look for? I have basic idea's as I have ridden motorbikes for 8 years, so I know to check compression, make sure it idles fine, and of course test ride it. But for all I know I could be missing countless amount of safety checks. Also do I want mods? I have been told through out my whole life, the more HP the less reliable.

Thanks in advance!