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    2004 RXP 215, not sure where to start!

    Hello All,

    Sadly in the UK we don't have a good PWC forum so I'll have to borrow yours!

    I'm looking into what mods are best to start off with?

    The ski currently revs to 7700 giving around a 65 mph topspeed.

    I've been looking at all the Riva gear but sadly its rather expensive across here. For example the Riva power filter is over $380 or £250!

    Where should I start then? What gets you the best initial gains?

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    Hey, im in the UK too...

    Start with a 4" front air intake, there is alot of info on here and you can buy all the stuff in the UK to make it yourself.

    Get your prop out, clean it up and either adjust it yourself or send it to JetShed to have it pitched so your engine revs to 8100.

    You could consider a new prop, the solas 14/19 is a great start if your engine is stock.

    Most important of all is to make sure that the supercharger does NOT!!! still have ceramic washers fitted....

    You could look at getting the exhaust resenator out and replacing it with a straight aluminium hose connector availible from all over the net, think it needs to be 300mm long.

    The search function is your friend on here, there is a hell of alot of good info and many helpfull members.

    Where are you from PM me if you prefer.

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    Thanks Rory

    I've fitted steel washers to my supercharger.... although the ceramic ones has lasted 180 hours...

    I'm on the east coast, near Scarborough.

    I do a lot of sea riding so something to improve hook up would be great hence me thinking about an intake grate et al.

    I like the sound of a hull exit, but with the OPAS del kit its getting on for £350.

    Can you point to to a guide for the 4" intake, I've done a seach but it gives a lot of results where its mentioned in someones sig!

    So far I'm thinking:
    4" intake
    Hull exit

    I have an water to air IC which would fit but I need a hull exit to fit it really.

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