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    1999 Yamaha XL1200 Limited

    I'm in the process of purchasing a 99 yamaha XL 1200 and it's in excellent condition with low hours. Everything is in great shape and well maintained! The original owner says it's hard to start when cold. Can anyone answer if this was a common problem on the Yam WR 1200's in 99? It does have the primer installed on the fuel line.

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    Sounds like the carbs will need to be rebuilt or weren't properly done. With a primer, it should start much better than choke. Make sure to test ride if possible or at least a compression test. Negotiate with the idea of a carb rebuild. Saw a 24 hour xlt go down with a lean carb after the owner was warned but didn't listen.

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    Yes, non-PV 1200's can be a bear to start cold. Surprised your primer's not doing the job. If all else fails put a few drops of fuel in a couple cylinders through the spark plug holes, re-install plugs and wires and she'll fire right up. May have to do it a time or two to keep it running, though.

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    Sorry it took so long to respond. Thanks for the help guys! I purchased the ski and checked it out thoroughly before I ran it. Had it our last weekend and it runs great! Doesn't miss a beat. Haven't had any issues starting it cold either. Not sure how the original owner was starting it but I haven't had any issues so far. The primer that was installed on the machine isn't a typical primer for 2-stroke engines as seen on snowmobiles. He installed an outboard boat motor style primer inline from the fuel separator to the carbs. I'll be removing that and installing the piston style primer that has the individual ports for each cylinder.

    Thanks again!

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