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    Waterbox on fire..

    Was out for a ride last weekend and had my ski almost burned up

    The waterbox is totally empty inside from the exhausttemp and the powdercoat on my freeflow is gone.
    Was in the garage today and found the reason to this. The hose from electricalbox over exhaust and down to where the tempsensor sits was pluged with something that looks like white silicon.

    My question for you guys is, Have this "silicon" walked thru the pump and engine or is there somewhere in the engine that yamaha uses white silicon? Maybe that electrical thing that is watercooled?

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    I dont know that that small line that cools the voltage regulator would cause enough of a cooling water loss to overheat the exhaust that bad. You need to check the main lines feeding the exhaust manifold for clogges or restrictions also.

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    Sorry for missleading you, the stop was really in the pipe where the hose goes and plugged up the small hole in the gasket where all manifold water is passing.


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    Unfortuate. Had a similar issue when I installed my Rd cooling kit way back. I ended up melting the free flow hose and have since replaced with a heavier hose. Rd has a restrictor plate that goes in the exhaust just below where that little hose comes down and I managed to get my own silicon over the hole.

    Pull the back piece of your exhaust manifold off. Check and make sure that the hole in the plate is not plugged as well. The restrictor plate is in a stack of gaskets and a larger plate right where that little hose from the regulator goes into the manifold. Will try take some pictures if you need them, my manifold is out at the moment.

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    Please take a photo.

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