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    1995 SL 750 won't start

    Hoping someone may be able to offer some advice. I have 1995 SL750 that was running fine just last week. Now it won't turn over. Nothing happens when I press the start button. Battery is fully charged. Any suggestions on what to check would be greatly appreciated.

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    check your breaker and make sure its not popped. The starter solenoid, ground cable, or battery cable, or connections would surely do it. Does your ski have a display? If it does see if it will turn on. If it doesn't, its possible that you have a bad ground to the e-box (located in harness coming from stator), a bad breaker, or wiring issues in the box.

    you can also try disconnecting the starter cable from the solenoid and tapping it to the batter to check the starter/cable and engine ground.

    If you have a dvom Make sure you have continuity in the coil side of your starter relay and that you have power to it when pressing that start button. Check and make sure you have continuity between the ebox and the engine block and it is within 100 ohms or so. If it is in the thousands of ohms, its most likely your ground in the stator harness or where it connects to the ebox. In this case, run a wire from the battery ground to the terminal labeled black in your ebox, try and start it. If it cranks over this confirms the ground wire, if not, keep looking. Check to make sure you have 12+ volts on both side of the circuit breaker. If one side is open you have a bad/tripped breaker.

    the list can go on and on, but start with the major things like the cables, solenoid, starter, etc and let us know what happens.

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