I have an 07 gp1300r and 03. I havnt used either one in about 3 years. Fired them up last about a year ago. I know i am looking for problems since i havnt maintained them correctly. I know both are almost sitting with empty gas tanks. I have noticed last time i started the 03 a lot of blue smoke was discharged and wanted to shut itself off unless i gave it throttle. Could be a bad oil pump? I still have not done the service recalls on either ski yet that was dated back in 08 or 09. What steps should i perform on these skis before sticking them in fresh water for the first time in 3-4 years? I want to check for oil sludge and any existing gas conditions. Should i dip a stick into the gas tank? Should i pump new gas in and oil and start them up and go from there? I plan in taking the skis down to a shop and have the recalls done but want to have a little idea of what the shop might call me about the current conditions of them.