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    2000 Sea Doo XP question

    Hey all, I bought a 2000 Sea Doo XP about a month ago from a guy on post for $25. He said he bought it for him and his son to work on then found out he was deploying in a few months. So far ive put a new steering cable on it and tried to get it running. It had bad fuel in it so i drained the tank and refilled it with premixed fuel. One of the previous owners had already removed the oil injection. After making sure that all the fuel lines were clear (unhooking each one of them and blowing air through them) im not getting fuel to the external bowl under the hatch. It has great compression and i shot some carb cleaner into the fuel hose that goes to the carbs and it fired right up. My question is why isnt it pumping fuel out of the tank? Thanks in advance for all the help.

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    Check or replace the fuel selector AND if the gray lines are still on it,...REPLACE them first.

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    ok. Ill check them in the morning...Thank you

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