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    Best intake grate for speed? 2009 IS vs R n D RXT-X 2013

    Got a RXT-X 2013 that runs 81 on the dash with the 2009 IS intake grate.
    (customer from Spain, still some tweaks to do)
    Have anyone compared what runs faster, the 2009 IS or the R N D?

    I know of the risks of stuffing with the 2009 IS but there is no signs of that now.
    I just wonder if it would pic up any speed with the RnD.

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    The R&D best for choppy conditions ....

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    Best? As in most speed ?

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    I personally think it is a tossup between the stock (non-iS) grate and the R&D. The R&D needs a lot of work to fit correctly and flush. I ran that, the Worx which was good, and the OEM one. The OEM non-iS one is currently on my ski and a few other over 80mph s3 skis.
    I know Gladerider and JT run the R&D and think that is faster. I would not run the iS grate over 70

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    But anyone tested the 2009 is vs the r n d in flatwater just to see speeds?

    Feels like that will be next thing to try ..

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