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    95 900 sparkplug wires

    not sure if this goes here or not, but i'm wondering what kind of plug wires do i need to replace my 1995 kawasaki 900 plug wires? i have had a lot of different opinions thrown at me so i'm hoping to get some better info form those who have done it on here then a 16 year old behind a parts counter. Any help por advice?

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    You want 'real' wire, with a stainless core. 7 mm, it's usually sold in 100' rolls, but I bought some on Ebay in shorter lengths.

    You'll have to dig the old wire out of the coils. There is a pin inside the coil that makes the connection to the wire, so be careful not to break it off.

    I put some 3M 5200 around the outside of the wire when I pushed it into the coil to make sure it wouldn't come out.
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    Thanks. i appreciate it.

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    turns out my plug wires were not broke like i thought they were. did not realize that the boot came off the end unlike a typical plug wire. thanks for the info!

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