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    Looking for Surf Riders in Broward County / South Palm Beach County

    EDIT: Thanks for the replies, no longer have ski though.
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    There's a group of stand-up guys that ride Boynton Inlet a lot(see link). There's a few Blasters in the group, so you wouldn't be the only coucher. Boynton is also a public beach with parking across the street for the family. Pompano inlet gets some surf sometimes, but I'm not sure if there's parking there. I've only been there by water. In general, the further north you go, the better the surf is because the Bahamas blocks the swell down south. Surf days are gonna be few & far between this time of the year though. It won't pick up again until Oct/Nov when we start to get cold fronts that bring the nice north swells.

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    Thanks for the info. I rode near John Lloyd in Lauderdale on Sunday but it was a choppy mess with no waves. I'll have to check out Boynton inlet in the near future when the surf is up.

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