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    CX racing intercooler 3rd hole?

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    That's for a bleed line, however it's in the wrong location for most ski applications.

    IMO..... that coolers only good for a paper weight! No way that's a 1000HP core.

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    I don't think it's a hole. It may be a welding mistake.
    That looks like a cheap chinese unit and I'd venture to guess it wouldn't handle 1000hp or even half that.
    A decent ic is important. Spend a little more for some quality.

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    I would assume its a bleed line too.

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    Hmmmmm I run their massive 12 by 4.5 with no issues. Psycho did as well. It cools better than any kit in our market. I posted results. I use a iat pyrometer. I will definitely say they need to be tested since they're cheaper but it is a great solution and for $115 when riva charges 800 it's a no brainer. You will have to customize everything to make it fit though

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    IMO for a low boost ski that Chinese XS IC will work fine for almost 300hp but not 1000 ....LOL
    now in very warm water (around 90) it will probable get heat soaked quickly over a min or two @ wot
    if there is has a hole there you can plug it or just T it in the return line
    I have used similar with 15psi and not had crazy high IATs and have logs to prove it

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