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    Jettribe Tour Rig's First stop on the National Tour in Lake Charles, LA

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    I'm Jess from Jettribe. The new girl to Jettribe, Watercraft racing, and jet skiing in general honestly. I am so ecstatic to be a part of Jettribe and this wonderful world of Watercraft racing. The race in Lake Charles, Louisiana was my second race. But my trip did not start when I headed to the airport. No, that would have been too easy. It all began Monday April 22nd, the day after the race in Parker, AZ when Tony told us that we were heading to Louisiana for the race. At first I was stoked because I had never been to Louisiana. But then it set in. We had just talked about the move of ALL of our gear into our new warehouse. Preparing for the race in addition to this would be a hard task to complete in 1 week on top of our normal work day.
    We worked 12-14 hour days during the weekend to complete everything. Although it was enough work to get things packed and ready we realized we had to get the truck prepared for the road as well. We got the fluids changed, new tires, and an overall maintenance check. But with the check engine light still on and $5000 already burned into our pockets we had no choice but to hit the road anyway. There were a couple more problems along the road as well but the truck finally made it safely to Louisiana and then to Florida.
    We are dedicated to this sport and we will get to the races anyway we can. Whether it be by land or air, and if water is an option we'll take it. I finally got to put names to faces when I met 5 of our riders for the first time: Aero Aswar who flew all the way from Indonesia, Brent Venderly, Eric Lagapalos, and Erminio Iantosca who drove 10 to 12 hours or flew from Florida, and James Bushell who flew from the UK to race in this tour. And myself of course from Southern California. It was great to watch them race and to hear their stories of racing and of their home. Don't let their rough exteriors for racing fool you because they were really great to talk with I cannot wait until I go to another race and watch our riders do what they do best. It still gives me butterflies to think of that weekend and how much fun I had talking to people about how great Jettribe is and watch the jetski's just fly around the buoys. I even got to ride a jet ski for the very first time, thanks to Eric Francis, and man it was a blast! That rush you get is like no other! I'm addicted to this sport already! I got the epiphany in Parker, AZ to become a part of this racing family by becoming a racer myself. But if that ever happens it will not be for a while.
    The UWP National Tour in Lake Charles, LA was blast! Besides it being cold, ok a lot colder than California was at the time, but that did not affect how great it was! Thank goodness the water is warm on the eastern side. I even ended up wearing skirt on Sunday! Iíve come to realize that it's a man's world I'm walking into, but I can handle it and myself! I'm no stranger to this kind of life especially with going to the deserts during the winter (being from Southern California and all). The jokes are unfiltered a bit and there's lingo I don't quite yet understand. But everyone was extremely nice and helpful towards me becoming a part of this sport; from the local people, the announcers, the sponsors, AJ, CVP who were hosting the race, the riders, the racing families, our sponsored riders and their family and friends, to even the people at the Gyro cart who made me a special veggie Gyro (you know most everyone got one or at least some lemonade)! I believe it's because everyone is there for one reason. Watercraft racing. Thank you to everyone who keeps this sport going. I know it is not as big as it once was, but it should be. And Iím glad to be a part of it!
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    Thanks Jess, It was super to read your reaction to the 1st race on the that tour. You did a good job telling folks what its like to caught in all the stuff we love about racing and whats makes up the addiction! Ha Ha
    stay-n-touch and post on here when you can for those of us that cant make the trip ... sometimes we love to share in the tells !

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