FREE SL780 Hull

I have another sl780 hull from second parted out ski currently sitting in the spot my msx needs to go, thought about using it as backyard art filled with dirt and some flowers or the crazy a route and have it coming out of the side of my mancave..... the wife hates both ideas so i figured id see if anybody around wants it. still has handlebars, gas tank, exhaust pipe, waterbox, and all the purple trim as well. Smashed the hell outta the last parts hull with a sledge and took it to the junkyard but id rather see this one possibly get used.... or ill get out some frustration and have fun with the sledge again eventually lol.

Hull is good no cracks or holes, has some scratching from when i drug it thru the yard/snow to get it on my trailer and outta the carport (woulda made a hellova sled if the rideplate was on still and intake was blocked off flush lol) let me know if youd want it, if needed i can probly get the regi from my buddy. I'll probly let it sit in the grass for a while before i decide to smash it..... unless i can convince the wife on one of the two earlier options lol.