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    Bow stop placement?

    I'm doing some work on the Shoreland'r double trailer that came with our '96 Sea-Doo GTX's and thinking of lowering the bow stops from how it was when we acquired the trailer.

    The existing location seems to hit the front bumper of the trim piece on the ski; I have new trim pieces and I'm thinking that if I lower the bow stop it will avoid hitting the front bumper when loading but I don't want to cause additional harm elsewhere; see pic for reference.

    - Lowered position places the bow stop below the strap attachment point.
    - Will this cause the ski to ride up and over when loading?
    - Good idea? Dump Idea? Other???

    Click image for larger version. 

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    bad idea! the bow stop needs to be higher than the strap/cable. in other words the strap must pass under the bow stop.
    if youre towing it and brake the ski might *fly over* the trailer and end up being on your car.
    hope i helped.

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    DITO !!! Always ensure the tow strap is UNDER the bow stop/roller! It is ok to adjust the stop roller a little if possible just make sure to run your tow strap under when towing. Good Luck

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    And make sure to us 2 quality straps to tie down to back of the PWC!

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    Think about if you had to make an emergency stop. With the bow stop completely in the front of the ski and with the angle of contact the ski is making with the stop, it's basically just going to "stop" the ski from shifting forward.

    With the bow stop moved way down, in an e-stop, the momentum of the ski is basically gonna carry it up and over the bow stop, into your rear windshield

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