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    anyone used this for an anchor before

    Anyone used this before I know some have used the spiral ones before but have heard mixed things about them not being big enough.;...74?type=search

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    I use these

    I welded the eyelet shut and built tether ropes about 6 feet long with buoys and a clip on one end. You have to thread them all the way into the sand or they will bend. The only thing that sucks is that they are long and you can't carry them in the ski. I only use them when I beach launch.

    If I'm in a lake I use this.


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    I use this one on my vxr in the lake. I never park it to close to the shore as I'm afraid of damaging the ski.

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    8lb Mushroom Anchors

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    Quote Originally Posted by golferdude View Post
    8lb Mushroom Anchors
    i think i got a 15lb mushroom anchor in my bag. I just grabed one of those rope + bag and buoy kits from academy and threw a mushroom anchor in it. I can tie 2 skis to it no prob.

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    I use the sandbag type. I can carry it enpty in my ski, and when I get somewhere that I want to anchor it, I fill it with sand or rocks. Not the best if there is any kind of current, though. I had one of the cork-screw types, but it rusted...if you get one, try to find a stainless steel one, if they make them.

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