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    Water in the motor. What kind of damage should i expect and how to remove the water.

    Ok so i just picked up a waveraider 1100 and a gp1200r as a pair. Got a screaming deal the gp runs great and has 28.8 hours on it. They were winterized and stored away 6 years ago never seeing daylight until a couple days ago. The waveraider was supposed to just need a starter, wich the starter was bad. I rebuilt it only to find out the motor was seized when I pulled the exhaust manifold off there was alot of water in the exhaust after the manifold. I pulled the head off cleaned up the cylinders and got it cranking nice and smooth but its blowing alot of water out of the crankcase up through the cylinders as i crank it. Im going to go ahead and assume that im pulling the motor out. Is there any chance the bottom end isbt completely destroyed? Any ideas how the water got in there?? Pretty bummed right now

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    If water sat in there for 6+ years I'd think you'd be looking at a rusted bottom end.
    Not to mention that everything that's had water vapor around is probably not going to last long once its running.
    Sounds like a complete rebuild is next up on the things to do list.

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    Yes, if that water was in there for that long all the crank bearings will have rust pits along with the cylinder walls.

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    I would take the carbs/reeds off and look at the crank shaft to see how bad it looks. If it spins easily and doesn't look rusty, you may be able to run it as is. It may run for long time or 15 minutes. Water could have gotten injested through the carbs or they had the hose on without the motor running. Get as much water out as you can before running it. I would think whatever is left would evaporate after the motor gets hot and runs for a while.

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    Well the topend looks good i poured oil into the bottom end for the time being to hopefully keeps things from getting worse. Its cranks great so i think i might try to crank the water out through the cylinders and replace it with straight two stroke oil and try to run it and see what happens. If it blows it blows if it was going to need a rebuild anyways might as well run it

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