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    2014 models, Any idea when?

    dumb question but I am debating if I should spend more money on my ski or wait for the 2014 models to come out. Its been long enough on the 300x models so my guess is a new one or improvements should be seen on the 14 model. Any ideas?Thanks

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    Not a dumb question. I'm going to update in 2014 for a new Kawasaki.
    Still having fun on very reliable 260x
    . If there are no new models....I will still get a 300.

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    I'm interested to know too as I'm thinking of a 300 as my second ski. They have a bunch of 12's by me at good prices as they are leftovers now. I've heard rumors there might be a mojor upgrade for 14. I'm trying to decide if I should take the good deal now or wait for the 14.

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    im waiting for 14 to as I heard/think there's going to be new/updated models from Kawasaki and Yamaha

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    If you can wait. It also depends on what you want to do with the ski. If your gonna leave it stock and want warranty buy a 11-13 if you don't care about that then wait for the 14. Remember despite its improvements they will all be limited to 67ish mph.

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    I would wait couple months, Kawasaki and Yamaha should be annoucing their new line up in 3 months or so?

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