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    93 Sl 750 Jet pump, interchangeable with what years?

    Hey everybody I am new to this forum and had a question about a recent purchase. I purchased a 93 Polaris Sl 750 that is missing the entire jet pump assembly I was wondering what years are interchangeable and what is the best year to put on this machine?

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    Thread moved to the Polaris section. Welcome

    Lots of jet pump info via my signature links.

    The 1992-1993 jet pumps were the original non-modular type. 1994-2004 Polaris all use the modular 148mm jet pump, which you can retrofit to your 1993 hull.

    Any 750 jet pump should work, especially if it is from another SL 750, regardless of model year. 1994 onwards is the better jet pump design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    1994 onwards is the better jet pump design.
    +1 - This design gives you a multitude of options moving forward with all of the parts interchangeable including extended pumps, trim, reverse, wedgies, etc.....

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