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    Newbie needing some help buying 2008 ultra lx

    I'm buying my first stand up ski. I have found a 2008 ultra lx in excellent condition with 67 hours on it.
    My question is what do I need to be looking for when I go check the ski out?
    Also can any tell me the cranking compression on this engine?
    Is there any problems with this ski that I need to be aware of?
    And those of you that have this ski can you give me your overall opinion of the ultra lx.
    This is a great community to be a part of.

    Thanks in advance,

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    It is a great ski. Very reliable. It is a little slow compared to the supercharged skis out today. It is just a mid 50s ski.
    If the price is right you will get many hours of fun on it.

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    there is one major flaw with the ultra it's not a stand up so you might be a little disappointed with it

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    Robby I've got that covered. I just bought JSNates "ugly red" 550/750 conversions ski for myself. I'm buying the ultra lx for my wife and when we want to go cruise up the river. I use to ride stand ups 20 years ago and wanted to get back riding them. But I have never bought a sit down and been out of it so long that I just don't know a lot about these new skis. That is why I'm trying to find out some info on what to look for with this ultra lx I'm suppose to go look at tomorrow.


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    I was fooling with ya but that's awesome to hear I did the same thing this season I got a JS 550 and ultra 250x I can't wait to get out in the water! Let me know if the LX works out. Good luck.

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    I had an Ultra LX before my 250x, no real issues with them but like any second hand ski you want to check a few things before buyng.

    1) Service history - This should have completed at very minimum the 10hr and 50hr service, i would like to see a yearly service.
    2) Good look around the engine bay - has this ski been loved? Nice clean or rusty mess.
    3) Hull bottom, has it been beached everywhere or dose it look pretty clean, expect the odd mark but shouldn't be ragged up.
    4) Pump - with a tourch have a look up the intake grate and through the back up the pump, look at impellor condition for dings chips and nicks etc... again a sign if the ski has been loved or abused.
    5) most important in my book, TEST RIDE - please don't just get it started on a trailer and buy, get it put in the water for a proper water test to see it rides right.

    Once bought - Change pump bearings to 2011+ and pending on history oil/filter to base line it.

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    Thanks Kwakmat. I will look thru the pump and do the inspection. He says the ski is in excellent condition, very few scuff and no major scratches, will see. Good thing never been in salt water. Can you or anyone else tell me what the cranking compression should be? That is the first thing I'm checking.


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