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    99 XPLTD coughing and spluttering at 3000-5000 rpm

    Hey guys, as the title suggests, I'm having issues with my '99 XPLTD951 Seadoo.

    It hasn't been out for a while and when i took it out yesterday it was jerky and coughing and spluttering when I gave it a bit of gas mainly at 3000-5000 rpm. I did compression test it's 135psi each cylinder.

    I've only owned the ski for a bit and don't know much about its history, I noticed when the choke was in it would idle at 3000rpm and when choke was pulled out it would rev at 2000rpm and it would slowly slide back down to 3000rpm with choke fully in. I thought it was supposed to rev higher with choke out not when it's in.
    I've noticed, in the clear fuel line near the filter, it's got like a water bubble in the bottom sitting there like theres a bit of water in the fuel. I also noticed, where the lead goes into the box where the coils are, the casing around the leas is broken off where it plugs into the box, ive put a photo up but im not sure if this would affect anything to do with the revving as the lead itself isn't damaged.

    Any help would be appreciated cheers.
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    Anyone on this site with info and knowledge? Or just wasting time.

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    Yeh that's the spirit mate, bag everybody with your 2 post !

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    Simple question mate,was wondering if there mechanics etc or just personal users, don't take it to heart mate,just trying to find out,what's 2 post mean? How am I bagging out EVERYONE PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussielyons View Post
    Anyone on this site with info and knowledge? Or just wasting time.
    Lots of people on here with lots of knowledge, but with 2 posts under your belt you seem like your demanding it or your just wasting your time.

    When you pull the choke out it restricts the air going into the engine so the engine will start to choke up with too much fuel and run slowly until it cannot cope with that amount of fuel.

    Once it starts push the choke back in ,it doesn't require it anymore unless its left for a few hours and it goes cold.

    The coughing and spluttering could be a few things

    1)Broken spark plug lead ---------unscrew the terminal and cut the leads back 10 mm and re screw them back on so they have good contact with the wire.
    2)spark plugs not firing or irregularly firing ---------change with new set
    3)Coils in the black box are not getting a good earth from the bracket assembly---------if rusty clean the contact mounting points
    4) Bad coil -----------test and replace if required
    5)Black earth wire that goes from all the black earth wires in the black box (screwed together) and goes to the front of the magneto case under the oil tank has a bad connection or loose terminal
    6)Carbs are in need of a rebuild and or the fuel lines are clogged up from internal rotting( they are prone to this from 1998-2001
    7)Incorrect pop off and or needle and seat in the carbs ---------pull apart and verify
    Water in the fuel ------------only way to make sure of no water is to drain the tank with siphon hose and place a rag on a piece of wire and get every last drop of liquid out of the tank through the fuel pick up which is under the seat under a black rubber 6 inch round plug which comes out

    Try those and see how you go.

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    Cheers mate for the info, it is very thorough and helpful,once again I certainly didn't mean to be a rude a$&hole,and I did come acros like that, and I'd like to apologise and thankyou for taking the time to explain so thoroughly,I really appreciate it thankyou going to drain the tank, the carbs are one month old being fully rebuilt and tuned at sea doo zillmere,I think I need to mess around with coils etc, I only just bought the ski,I contacted sea doo zillmere they said the ski left there shop from previous owner on 4/04/13 all it had on there computer it needed was accelerator cable.Im going to drain fuel and fiddle with coils,hopefully I come out a winner thankyou again.surfnturf you are a champion.

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