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    2009 rxtx loss of power

    I just put my 2009 rxtx in the water for the first time this year, got it up to about 60mph when it lost power. It will hit 6k rpm, 45mph, very slugish, and rough idling. Can any help diagnose my problem? thx

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    Check to see if you blew any boost hoses off, and to see if you can spin your supercharger wheel by hand. Was the engine fogged? If so.... were the plugs replaced after it ran for a bit?

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    Removed the hose and I can turn the supercharger wheel a little but its not easy. The engine was not fogged.

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    Change your spark plugs.

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    Suck out the old fuel and then change your spark plugs.
    Also run a double dose of Lucas fuel Injector cleaner thru it.
    If you clog an Injector you can burn a piston quickly.

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    Sorry for not responding, been on vacation. Changed the plugs, new fuel, retightened all the hose clamps, lucus injecter cleaner and it runs great. Thanks for all the help.

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