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    Turbo rebuild kit and replacement wastegate actuator

    I have an 05 R12x and the turbo is stuck plus the wastegate actuator is pretty rusted.

    I have rebuilt turbos before, but I have scoured the internet to try and find a rebuild kit with no luck. I noticed it is an IHI turbo, does a rebuild kit from any other similar IHI turbo work? Or is there a center cartridge that isn't an arm and a leg?

    I also wanted to replace the wastegate actuator. From what I read a regular 10 psi actuator will work with the right length rod and custom bracket.
    I was thinking about getting something like this and just make a bracket for it.


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    so I have found a little more info. I think it is an RHF5 turbo which is used in some Subaru's. I wonder if the center cartridge from the right Subaru would work. I did find some replacement chra cartridges on Alibaba. but I really don't trust a turbo from China to last very long.

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    actuator neededs to be spray coated to prevent rust. i use yamalube after every ride.

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    Look in performance section recent thread on turbo rebuild options

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    Many people around here use Motoworks and they speak that he knows what he is doing.

    Good luck.

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    what did you end up doing?

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    I have seen a lot of the motorwork turbos fail. These are a non rebuildable repairable unit for a can rebuild the waste gate and replace the actuator but there's nothing you can do for the cartridge. Find a used one or retrofit

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