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    "Classic Skis"

    was thinking Jetskis will never become collectible or valued will they... even some of the super classic or cult skis sell for nothing.... and 2nd hand ones unless owned by nuts like us are normally pretty FCUKed. some cars sell for 50 times their price new and people love them not even for driving.
    I have 4 skis now and I feel the same way about them yet they just keep churning em out and 2nd skis prices dip.. I guess its a good and bad thing but they are the last word in hedonistic consumption.

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    Its an addiction ... this ski collecting and like you said not much of a re-sale aftermarket for the "Ski Collector" Ha Ha But I think as the new skis just keep getiing higher in price the entry for new riders will be stronger in the used market. At first the late models & name brand last year ski will bring a fair value. But for the older and even modified skis ... you have to find that one person who understands & seeks out "that" ski. Now to sum all this up ....We are fu_ked !!! Ha Ha I enjoyed your question on the future of old collectable ski

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