Hi, I have an out of country client that just installed a new ECU in his Ultra 300 ( long story but the guy is in Sri Lanka) after having his brand new skis shipped from Canada where the keys somehow didn't end up in the shipment)

He registered his new ECU with new keys using the service manual procedure and the engine will crank, but no fuel or spark.

These skis have never gotten wet and are as new as they come as the dealer didn't even fire them up it seems.

Any ideas? Vehicle down sensor is at the top of my short list...

I really don't want to have to fly out there to help firsthand, as much as I need another holiday, my busy season is going to be real short this year due to our drought and I can't afford to get wiped out on such a long trip overseas.

After my trip to India last year ( wife's business trip) I know that if I do go there, I won't be able to really operate effectively for at least a week

Of course no Kawasaki dealer for thousands of miles....