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    Gp1200 oil leak NEED HELP

    So I recently got a 1997 gp1200. I haven't had any problems with it and it ran great the last time I used it. Today I took the seat off and looked into the engine compartment and noticed a good amount of oil puddles up under the engine. I'm wondering what the source of this could be??? Any info will be greatly appreciated!
    thanks Brent

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    I wouldnt run it again until you find the problem!!! Is it premixed or oil injection still running ?
    Guess is an oil line has come off and or is leaking, check all your oil hoses from the pump to every carb, repair / replace if needed.

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    A friend's GP1200R had puddling, turned out to be oil was dripping into the carb throat from the injection port, then running into the airbox and dripping from the airbox into the hull. This was only apparent when it had sat for a few months

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    make sure an oil line didn't fall off

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