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    Flooded Engine Compartment on Polaris 2001 Genesis

    Went to launch the Polaris for the first time of the season and forgot to put the plugs in, before we realized it the engine compartment was flooded and the teenager had tried to start. Of course it did not start and it was running previously couple weeks during the spring trial run back at the garage. the Battery has power, as we were able to pump it out using the bilge pump, however it never turned over, we drained it, put it back on the trailer and now are trying to get it running before Memorial Day 2013. Does anyone on this forum, have experience with this problem and can you provide useful information on potential fix. Thank you

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    Does the engine have water inside?

    Take the spark plugs out, does it crank and spew water out the plug holes?

    If yes, was it cranked (or attempted to crank) with water in the engine and spark plugs installed?

    See my signature links for how to dry out a flooded engine. The key is to get the water out, and get the engine running, right away. Water inside the engine will begin to rust the steel bearings, at which point the engine must be rebuilt. Rust is a bad thing inside the engine.

    The fewer hours the water sits inside the engine, the better. After a day or so, it is getting to be too late. Salt water must be cleared out within minutes, couple of hours at the outside.

    If the battery has been weakened by the bilge pumping, then it needs to be recharged in order to be strong enough to light the spark plugs.

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    My son did this. The next morning he tried repeatedly to start the engine with the boat sitting 8" lower in the water. My insurance paid for a new engine.

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