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    ultra 150 cylinder temp question

    Hey guys just curious if this is proper.....
    I started the ski and ran it for a few minutes after a complete top end overhaul....
    when I touch the cylinders to see if they are hot or cold this is what I found.

    the cylinder furthest to the rear of the ski was warm but not overly hot...the middle was slightly cooler and the front even cooler yet....all cylinders were firing and it sounds great smooth idle etc....water pissing out like it should....just curious if it has to do with the way the water circulates or if this is normal on these machines.....or maybe i didn't run it long enough for them all to get to operating ran for 3 - 5 minutes just want to be sure before I put it in the lake


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    never mind i found out its because it was hooked up on the hose and circulates through the exhaust first rather than last....circulation is backwards

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