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    Gp 1300r bogging down

    Hi I have a gp 1300r I have a problem where when I put the ski in the water it runs perfect in a straight line on flat water as soon as I spin the ski or jump waves the ski starts bogging down and missing as soon as you get it on the straight it starts clearing and the goes like a rocket not a cough or splutter at all spin the ski and it goes really bad again . My mate has the same identical ski same year 04 and it does EXSACTLY the same thing . Mines a but worse tho .... I also have a mate with a o7 plate one and there's no problem there at all .... Please some one help me ??????? Oh and it has 50 hours on it .....

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    WATER..the most likely problem in water in the fuel or water in the engine compartment being sucked into the engine when spinning.

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