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    Talking Which Pwc TO Buy

    I'am considering the NEw 2007 Ultra or the 15f from last year The lime green one.But do not know which one to get.I love speed and a speed freak.But ALso like the new look of the ultra lx which has 3.7 more gallons of gas than the 15f so what would you go for and let me know thanx scott.

    This is a pic of me and my old 12f it was fast but not fast enough le me know.ANd every year I do a ride called Tennessee river 600 and yes thats 600 miles on a jet ski its a blast.So I would need a long distance touring boat.I rode that 12f and had no problems what so all. check this website out
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    well here comes my biased 15f opinion. i currently own a 06 15f and have it lightly modded. all bolt ons. i am more then willing to put it up against a stock ultra. one i know my topspeed(69.2) is higher then what ive read for averages from the ultra.IMO the 15f also has a very strong holeshot for being a n/a 1500cc engine. with my mods my 15f pulls extremely hard. easily overtaking a RXT 0-30, and up to topend.
    heres my opinion mixed with facts.
    IMO a ultra will never be as fast as an equally built 15f. The ultra's hull is not a high speed hull. topspeed is limited by the how much friction this hull creates.
    The ultra is the best handling 3 seater out there(with a pump wedge).
    Personally to me the ultra looks huge with a rider on it unless your a big guy(skinnies will look like a 10 year old riding a sportsman 800)
    the ultra although it handles great weighs a ton.
    ive always wonder how the fuel consumption compared between the two but im sure a lighter,n/a 1500, with a racy hull with post better economy then a heavy SC 1500 with a plower of a hull.

    my verdict is this for the all around balanced machine with 90+mph capabilty(at a price of course) better fuel economy(i think) and cheaper go with the 15f. the money you save over the ultra can be put into bolt ons to get your 15f to stock ultra speed(all it takes is under a grand).

    if you want the faster stock, great handling,less pontenial(from the present look of things) and the bragging rights of having a super charger go with the ultra.

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    For a cruising all around rec boat I prefer the ergonomics of the Ultra. I've never been able to get over the cramped feeling on the f platform, it drives me crazy.

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    im unsure of the ergos. but ive never been cramped on my F maybe i just dont know what to expect from ski ergos as its my first sit down. now i am shorter average around 5'11 205 lbs.

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    Cool the ultra or 250x

    ok thanx so should I GO with the 250 then?

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    heres how i look at it. there two very different boats. you need to go through and look at all the negatives and the positives for each and decide yourself. im sure coming from a 12f you would be the most comfortable(know how to ride and its abilities) on the 15f as its basically a 12f with more power.

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