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    97 Seadoo XP 787 NEED HELP!!!

    I just rebuilt top end on my seadoo 800, 150 psi compression both cylinder. She starts fine,idles for 5-7 seconds then shuts off, EVERYTIME, and sometimes I get 2 short beeps after it shuts down. Not always though. Already checked engine ground, cleaned dess post. I have no idea where to look next. Any help would be appreciated.

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    2 check you need to do. First check to see if you have pressure in the gas tank about 5psi should do the trick. the carbs need that to suck fuel to the carb.

    next take carbs off and rotary plate off and see if the rotary shaft wiggles in and out. what your looking for is a rotary shaft that is worn. if it is replace asap

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    check your fuel lines- it sounds like you have them crossed

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    Quote Originally Posted by sea-one View Post
    check your fuel lines- it sounds like you have them crossed
    If it was a fuel starvation issue, wouldn't it slowly die and sputter. After the 5-7 seconds it kills the kills the motor instantly like your pulling the dess key.

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    I actually had a '97 XP doing that once and it ended up being a bad MPEM.

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    the mpem isn't getting the "engine is running " signal, check for stator output and connections inside the plug between the harness and stator.. without that signal, the mpem will shut off after a few seconds to save the battery.

    I'll +1 on a possible bad mpem, best return on time is wiring at this point.

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