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    Pressure testing a GP800R Motor

    I posted in the Yami section but didn't get much of a response. Bunch of people telling me to pressure test my motor but when I ask for procedure nobody chimes in

    I have the exhaust and carbs off of my 66E (2004 GPR800R). I need to pressure test it before I pull it apart (One of my pistons let go, however I know its definitely not the result of a powervalve dropping because I just put the valve saftey clips in last week). I'm thinking I may have an airleak causing a lean condition at high power. My question is, do I need to seal off the powervalves in some way? Not sure if they are airtight under the covers and on the side where the actuator goes through the bearing or bushing on the side of the powervalve area... I've searched but anything i've come up with procedure wise are for non-powervalve motors...


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    Do a search google and here to get good ideas. Block off the exaust and carbs. pressuize the motor to about 9 psi. Get a little sopey water spray around like on the real seal( crank shaft)and see if its leaking.

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    Lol, do I block off the powervalves in some way or not?

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